Dabral (Devanagari: डबराल; Ḍabrāl), is a surname of community belongs to Garhwali Saraswat Brahmins primarily living in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand state of India. The Dabrals were originally inhabitants of Maharashtra state of the Western India region, from where they migrated to the Himalaya in the north. Some sources cite that two Brahmin brothers from Maharashtra named Sadanand and Shivanand migrated to the Garhwal region in the year 1433 A.D. where they first settled at the hilly village Dabar in Pauri Garhwal district near the town Lansdowne in present day Uttarakhand thus given the surname Dabral. Modern day Dabrals are considered their descendants.

Member of this community are also found in Kumaon region. According to their traditions they are the descendants of the Rishi Bharadwaja. Adherent of the Shaivism sect, they do worship Shiva as their prime deity.

The word Dabral is a Middle Indo-Aryan word, derived from a village named Dabar, meaning 'a person originated from Dabar'. Dabar word is present in many modern Indo-Aryan languages meaning a small lake or pond in a country area. There are many villages named Dabar and its local variations like Dabra or Dabri scattered throughout Indian Subcontinent. 


Dabral Villages:


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